For anyone who’s looking for Clara’s dress from the 50th, the actual button down dress, the River Island Bright Tea Dress at ASOS is now down to a only UK size 6 available. With all other sizes sold out.

But River Island also used the exact same fabric to make the above dress, the River Island Ditsy Print Tea Dress. Which is still available, direct from River Island, in a size UK 14 only. It’s the exact same fabric and print by the same company; and if you’re a clever seamstress, you should be able to alter it to a near replica. (Add the buttons, lower the neckline etc.) But you really couldn’t tell by putting the leather-jacket over the top, like Clara is wearing it above. (You could even just add red fabric buttons to the base of the skirt. Since the buttons on the Ditsy are just plain:

So heads up, because the Ditsy is only now in a UK size 14. (I just bought one because I missed out on the Bright.)

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