Oh my have you seen the beetle thing on the tree in rings of akhaten?? It is in the scene on the tree where the doctor leaves after seeing clara at her mother's grave!! It does share some resemblance to the one on donna's back :D Just pointing it out someone just posted it on the Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle facebook page!! And it is apparently real :D Is Moffat up to something?? xD
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This one?


Yes it’s just been confirmed as genuinely being the same type of beetle. You know the last time that appeared, it had everything to do with this guy:

The Trickster



There were other members of the Trickster’s BrigadeOne was a Fortune Teller on Shan Shen who used a beetle-like creature to make Donna Noble create an alternate time line in which the Tenth Doctor died. This resulted in much chaos due to alien attacks on Earth not being thwarted, but was negated when the alternate world’s Donna Noble sacrificed herself to repair the timeline with the help of Rose Tyler and UNIT


The Doctor refers to the Trickster as being “an eternal exile”; it is unknown whether or not he was saying the Trickster was in fact, an exile of the Eternals.

Eternals exist purely off of the thoughts of mortals, such as humans and other aliens species. Maybe this does have something to do with The Guardians after all, since the Eternals were just a rung lower than them and at their behest.

So that means the higher beings of the Universe are slowly being reintroduced back into Doctor Who…what does this mean for what Clara may be is anyone’s guess. But, in my opinion, it definitely points to her either being involved or being amongst something important. (x)

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