(Follow up from the Red Dresses and Rose by any other name essay (x))

Oh…oh brilliant…this is…wow…ha!

Are people seeing this? First a Crown and a Rose, now Mate is Rose?

People are so quick to jump on the “Rose Tyler made Clara bandwagon” they missed this one.

In The Snowmen and Hide gotten two Noble Rose references and two references to Romeo Montague. 

This isn’t fair. Darn it, that’s just…wow…how do they even…

Okay, let back this up. People are going to love this, and it goes right back around and into Clara’s name.

Oswin is a derivative of Oswald. Ergo, you would think it’s redundant.

Not true. The most famous Oswin in history was Saint Oswin, King and martyr. (There’s another reference to crown, lordship, nobility.) 

The most famous Oswald was that villainous slime-ball in King Lear, (Shakespeare again) his final words?

Oh, early death!”

Every time Clara has died, she has died young and in an untimely manner.

Clara bears her first name after being named after Elisabeth Clara Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith).

That’s an interesting coincidence. But let’s focus on these two clues.

The Snowmen:

Rose & Crown = A Noble Rose. Or, A Lord Rose.

Miss Montague = The Most famous Montague is Romeo Montague. He’s also known as “The rose by any other name.”


Mate’s Rose? Oh this is brilliant.

Mate = Donna Noble. Noble Rose. Again.

The Doctor mentions Romeo. Romeo again.

This is the Noble Rose By Any Other Name.

Not Rose. The Rose by any other name is Romeo.

Noble Romeo? Noble of Rome.

Have some more Shakespeare, Julius Caesar:


This was the noblest Roman of them all.

And now, The Fourth Doctor when Romana departed:

"You were the noblest Romana of them all."

Romana - Roman- Romeo…the noble rose by any other name.

Romana was President of Gallifrey up until the Time War was at it’s peak and Rassilon returned to seize the title from her. She was disposed and we don’t know what happened to her afterwards.

Romana, from all of that we know from the Big Finish audios, loved her people dearly and felt a great need to protect them. Clara as a Governess - Nanny could be playing off of this role, of protecting the young like she was striving to do. (Also how she aided the Tharils.)

Romana was also kept as a prisoner and tortured by the Daleks for twenty years… again, how does no-one make the connection to Oswin’s capture in Asylum Of The Daleks?

The Daleks could have easily captured Romana years earlier during the Last Great Time War and planted false memories in Oswin’s brain…or with her brilliant mind, she imagined being a crew member of the recently crashed Starship Alaska to such an extent, she created a whole network to back up her imagined identity.

Edit: Just been confirmed by suzannalikescomics it’s Mateus Rose. Mateus means: Gift from God. Oh…

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