Friendly reminder that current show runner Steven Moffat and former show runner Russell T Davies are friends and worked together for years.

Friendly reminder that current show runner Steven Moffat and Big Finish Executive Producer Nick Briggs are friends, The name “Big Finish” even came from an episode of “Press Gang” which Moffat was co-writer on.

Friendly reminder that current show runner Steven Moffat brought back Paul McGann and that Paul was so grateful and called it his “Birthday present”

Friendly reminder that current show runner Steven Moffat had Colin back to narrate the behind the scenes feature for Day of the doctor

Friendly reminder that current show runner Steven Moffat was both in Peter Davison’s “The five(ish) Doctors” and was an executive producer on it

Now you can think what you want about Steven Moffat’s work but please stop trying to imply other people involved in Doctor Who dislike the man and keep badmouthing him because it’s simply not true.

Stop putting words in people’s mouth’s it’s uncool.


Favorite Doctor Who episodes: the Fifth Doctor → Castrovalva

That’s the trouble with regeneration. You never quite know what you’re going to get.

Do you think Twelve will be what Ten was for Rose?


I was asked this a few days ago by a lovely anon - I answered half of their question and then said I wanted to answer this bit separately. 

I have a theory on this. 

First of all, we have to look at Rose’s relationship with Nine and Ten, since it’s practically the reverse of Clara with Eleven and Twelve. 

Rose fell in love with Nine, and Nine fell in love with Rose throughout series one. When Nine regenerated into Ten, he regenerated into a form which he thought Rose would like most. His accent matched hers, he became younger, more bubbly and upbeat, all to please Rose Tyler. Some would say this was because he loved her and he wanted her to stick around after this regeneration. 

But we all know what happened between Ten and Rose. Absolute heartbreak. 

Twelve has those memories - Eleven has those memories. They’re the same man. Same software, different face. 

Now, let’s move onto Eleven and Clara. Moffat, the man himself, explicitly said (paraphrasing) “He shouldn’t fancy this girl, but he really does.” 

Eleven didn’t mean to fall in love with Clara. It happened along the way. That’s why every time she hugs him, or they flirt, or he says something about her that surprises even himself, he gives a confused, almost annoyed little look. He doesn’t want to feel that way for Clara, because he knows the consequences of losing her. He’s experienced it before. 

But he absolutely does fancy her. 

Typical Eleven - so unlike Ten in this respect - cannot see that Clara feels the same way. Until, the Time of the Doctor, when in the truth field Clara let this little gem slip: 

"I’m and English teacher from the planet Earth and I’ve ran off with a man from space because I really fancy -"

Knowing Eleven, this was the first time he knew Clara was feeling what he was feeling. Cue obstructive plot which gets in the way, and then we have: 

Eleven sending away Clara because he can’t stand losing her. He’s lost too many people, he can’t stand over her dead body. 

But how does this relate to Ten and Rose? 

I guarantee, after all those years, Eleven still loved Clara despite the fact she wasn’t there. You can see it on his face when he says goodbye to her for (what he thinks is) the last time. His last victory, the victory of the Doctor, is saving his Clara Oswald. (At least, if the Doctor had’ve really died at this point, that’s what the history books would say.)

Then comes the regeneration. Now that Clara has saved him once again (we’ve practically lost count by now) dying Eleven knows loyal “I don’t walk out on people I care about” Clara is going to stick around for longer. 

He has a choice: do what Nine did and change into someone who is perfect for Clara. (Even though Eleven is perfect for Clara) Or…

Regenerate into someone he thinks she won’t like at all - to rid himself of these feelings for her and to make sure their love for each other doesn’t ultimately kill one another. Clara by this point has willingly sacrificed herself too many times in his name. Perhaps, if he changes, their relationship will change and they can avoid any more sacrifices. 

He doesn’t want a repeat of Rose. Last time he felt this way, he regenerated into someone who could share Rose’s feelings. This time, he does the opposite. 

All because he loves Clara too much, and this is the only way he can save her. 

So, he gives her one last phone call. He tells her he might be a little different this time but, please, stick around. He’s afraid - not because of a new set of regenerations, no - because he doesn’t want to push Clara away completely. That would hurt too much. 

He just wants to save them both from their feelings. 

If Twelve and Clara argue a lot by being two strong-willed characters, it’ll be because Eleven wanted it that way. He was giving Clara a way out. One last victory. 

This is almost exactly what I’ve been thinking myself. I think, however, Twelve will eventually find himself unable to give Clara a way out as he intended, and I think The Doctor will be in a very sorry state if his actions almost bring Clara to the point of leaving or having left. He may even find himself jealously trying to keep/regain Clara as his companion by actions or deeds.

And I think that’s what will endanger their relationship ultimately. I don’t think Clara will appreciate The Doctor’s almost yo-yoing attitude of trying to push her away one minute, then zealously guarding her the next. It’s not in Clara’s nature to tolerate such treatment, (and rightly so.)

Whether this leads to Clara leaving, or being separated, from The Doctor, we’re yet to see. But I agree there’s enough foreshadowing to suggest there is going to be something to drive a wedge between The Doctor and Clara, either temporarily or for good, and it might be of The Doctor’s own stubborn making.


You’re Full of Secrets
Hey Happy Doctor River Day! <3I have so many feels for these two, please someone give me all their stories or kill me now.


You’re Full of Secrets

Hey Happy Doctor River Day! <3I have so many feels for these two, please someone give me all their stories or kill me now.


Third Doctor judging you tumblr




If you’re sick of Clara Oswald being reduced to a romantic interest for the doctor clap your hands
If you’re sick of Clara Oswald receiving less character development in half a series than a cyber man head got in one episode clap your hands
If you’re sick of Clara Oswald being pushed into the same stereotypical female character mold and not being allowed to shine or develop independently of the doctor clap your hands

If you are tired of Clara being reduced to a romantic lead by the fans despite how she is presented in the show stamp your feet.

If you are tired of fans misusing terms like “character development” to mean “literally anything other than character development” stamp your feet.

If you are tired of Clara being misrepresented by only one or two vague characteristics by fans that refuse to see her as anything other than a stereotypically female character despite everything we’ve been shown onscreen so far stamp your feet.



Eleven choose the face of a man who once thought all hope was lost but was suddenly reassured that the universe will help those who are worthy.

He is struck with the memory of those he’s lost. Especially, the Ponds. About how he never got to say goodbye to Rory and chooses the form of an older man who kind of reminds him of an older Rory seeing as that’s the last memory they had together.



And to keep a part of Amelia with him always, he chooses to keep the Scottish accent and the spirit, attitude, adventurous side that goes allow with it. So he thinks about all these while he,s regenerating and then he combines them into one.

Just let me express my feelings towards people hating Clara by stating everything better about the other companions



"Rose is a better girlfriend than Cla—"


"Martha risked her life t—"


"It was also fate that Donna meeting the Doc—"


"Amy and the Doctor are meant to b—"


"The Doctor’s married to River so he and Clara can’t-" 




Oh shit, it’s on.